Cartwright and Lamb 🤐 on Biden’s fracking ban

Remember when Conor Lamb wrote an entire op-ed insisting Joe Biden wouldn’t ban fracking?

Well, jokes on him because it only took Joe Biden 24 hours to do it on federal lands.  In PA, as many as 609,000 jobs are supported by fracking, yet neither Conor Lamb or Crooked Matt Cartwright can find the courage to say a single word to condemn it.

Talk about the wrong priorities.

“Working families need help now, but Matt Cartwright and Conor Lamb would rather appease the far-left’s radical environmental gospel than lift a finger to help protect good-paying jobs – even in the middle of a recession,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “With Pennsylvania families barely getting by, the time is now for Lamb and Cartwright to condemn Democrats efforts to destroy to good-paying Pennsylvania jobs.”