Caraveo’s Desperate Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop Exposed

Yadira Caraveo introduced bogus legislation to help with the overwhelming migrant crisis happening in Denver and other blue cities and states, but a new report revealed her plan is nothing more than election year grandstanding.

As it turns out, neither of Caraveo’s bills do anything to actually reduce the flow of migrants or secure the border.

Caraveo brought the migrant crisis to Denver’s doorstep in the first place, pushing the Biden administration to defund ICE and CBP, and repeatedly rejecting tougher border security measures, and now she’s trying desperately to cover it up.

“Denver and other blue cities across the country have been brought to their knees by this out-of-control illegal immigration crisis, but instead of actually working to fix it, Yadira Caraveo is introducing bogus legislation to protect her job.” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Coloradans will see through Caraveo’s hollow attempt to cover up her pro-illegal immigration record.”