Caraveo Falsely Claims Credit

Yadira Caraveo has long been fighting to eliminate Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). She was even a co-sponsor on a bill in 2019 that would have forever eliminated the tax refunds Coloradans receive.

But according to Complete Colorado and the Free Beacon, now that Caraveo is running for Congress, she’s claiming credit for TABOR refunds, saying she was “proud” “to ensure that hard working Coloradans will get $750 back in their pockets.”

So Caraveo is “proud” of refunds issued from a program she’s trying to eliminate? Absurd.

“Yadira Caraveo taking credit for a program she tried to eliminate is peak hypocrisy – even by Washington’s standards,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Now that Caraveo wants a job promotion, she’s hoping voters will forget how she fought to keep more of Coloradans’ hard-earned money.”