He can run, but he can’t hide…

After being asked nearly one month ago if he would support Nancy Pelosi for speaker, Brad Ashford – knowing how toxic Pelosi is in NE-02 – dodged the very same question over the weekend.

In a recent interview, Ashford quickly changed the subject when asked about his support for Pelosi, saying “it wasn’t clear whether she’d even run for speaker again.” Let’s be real, Pelosi isn’t going anywhere. One month ago, his excusewas “I haven’t gotten to that in my head, deciding what I’d do.”

It is laughable to think Ashford wouldn’t vote for Pelosi, especially after voting for her twice before, and with her agenda 77% of the time when he was in Congress. This question will continue to plague Ashford, and we have 467 days to make sure Nebraskans get an answer.