burying his head in the sand

Congressman Tom Malinowski is burying his head in the sand as he continues denying there’s any crisis on our Southern Border, but even the party’s staunchest liberals are finally coming around to acknowledging the very real crisis being caused by illegal immigration.

New Jersey’s ultra-lib Senator and 2020-aspirant Cory Booker last night admitted as much, excoriating his own party saying: “We do have a problem at the southern border. Democrats should not deny that we do. Nations should have borders, borders should be respected.” Customs and Border Protection officials already warned earlier this month that the system has reached “the breaking point” over illegal crossings as Border Patrol stations have reached 300% to 400% over capacity.

The question is: will Tom Malinowski continue denying reality in order to stick to his party’s reckless talking points? Or will he finally own up to the very real border crisis that he and the house Socialists’ open borders policies would make even worse?