Bringing In The Liberals

In case you missed it, on Tuesday, liberal Conor Lamb hosted a fundraising event with Democratic establishment lobbyists in Pittsburgh. Yes, the same “lobbyists” his campaign has railed against for weeks.

And today, just two days later, Conor Lamb is hosting Rep. Joe Kennedy, III, who was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi to deliver the Democrats’ State of the Union response, to try to “connect” with Pennsylvanians at several events.

No surprise that Nancy Pelosi is looking to flood a congressional district with out-of-touch liberal elites.

But this failed tactic won’t fool Pennsylvania families, as they look at their paychecks this week and notice an increase due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“Conor Lamb is clearly saying and doing anything he can to get elected. The truth is Lamb would be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi in Congress and that becomes more and more clear as Pelosi attempts to send in her liberal allies.” – Michael Byerly, spokesperson for the Congressional Leadership Fund.