Brindisi’s corrupt boondoggle is still struggling

21 years, countless bribes and $630 million later, and Congressman Anthony Brindisi still can’t get his corrupt boondoggle — the Marcy Nanocenter — off the ground.

Brindisi promised the project would bring billions in new investment and at least 1,000 new jobs to Upstate New York, but the Utica Observer-Dispatch today reports the project is no closer to finding a tenant than it was years ago. This, after a potential deal for the site fell apart after federal investigators unveiled “a far-reaching bribery and bid-rigging scheme” in trying to lure businesses to sites like Marcy.

The fact is: the longer the Marcy Nanocenter remains unfilled, the longer voters are reminded not only of Brindisi’s empty promises, but the corrupt actions that led to such an embarrassing failure.

“Brindisi’s poor judgement and empty promises have already cost upstate New York at least 1,000 high-paying jobs,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “How many millions more should the community pay to bailout Brindisi’s corrupt boondoggle before they realize Brindisi just can’t be trusted?”