BREAKING: Underwood donor under federal investigation

Reports are buzzing today that the Governor of Illinois — J.B. Pritzker – has come under federal criminal investigation over scheming to defraud taxpayers in order to score a fraudulent tax break for his mansion in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. (More on that here)

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood gladly took $2,700 from the embattled Governor (and another $8,370 from his family members) to fund her campaign.

Underwood’s refusal to return the $2,000 she took from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, even after she repeatedly hurled anti-Semitic slurs, suggests she will continue ducking and hiding when asked whether she will flush Pritzker’s dirty money.

If any enterprising reporter is checking in with Underwood to see what she plans to do with the scandal-ridden Governor’s contribution, they could ask if she’s finally purged herself of Omar’s donation yet, too.

CLF Comment: “Between Lauren Underwood’s donors getting caught hurling anti-Semitic slurs and coming under federal investigation for defrauding taxpayers, you really have to ask who’s behind Congresswoman Underwood’s shady political operation,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Is Underwood really so desperate for campaign cash that she won’t separate herself from even the most crooked and hateful donors to her campaign?”