Biden Wants to Forgive Student Loans of Antisemitic Agitators

President Biden announced $6.1 billion in new student loan forgiveness.

Meanwhile, anti-Israel and antisemitic student agitators have set up encampments and threatened Jewish students at multiple universities – even taking over and vandalizing buildings. The results of this antisemitism have:

President Biden and Democrat leaders have stopped far too short of condemning this antisemitism, and instead are siding with the hate. For an administration so quick to use campus events and sentiment as a bellwether for American policy, their position is appalling.

And now Biden is rewarding these very agitators spewing hate and destruction by paying off their debt… Unbelievable.

“Americans are watching the split screen of antisemitic protests escalating on college campuses beside President Biden forcing hardworking taxpayers to pay off these antisemitic agitators’ college loans,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If Democrats’ can’t see what a huge problem this is, voters certainly will.”