Bernie: Golden’s plan hikes taxes on “ordinary people”

Bernie Sanders just blew a hole in Congressman Jared Golden’s lame assurances that he’s “all about middle class tax cuts.

Bernie just admitted, on the record, that the Sanders-Golden plan for socialized, government-run health care would be paid for by massive tax increases, including an income tax increase  “for ordinary people.”

So … if Jared Golden has his way, not only will 723,000 Mainers lose their current health insurance, but ordinary people will face huge tax increases to pay for it, too? For the record, even doubling federal income taxes still wouldn’t be enough to pay for Medicare for All. It doesn’t get much more reckless than that.

CLF Comment: “Jared Golden is putting his selfish dreams of a socialist, government-run health care system ahead of Mainers’ well-being,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Golden’s plan would force Americans to pay trillions in new taxes, just so they can wait in line for substandard health care provided by government bureaucrats. It’s cruel, heartless and why Mainers need to vote Jared Golden out next November.”

P.S. How long until Jared Golden takes down this glaringly false campaign video?