❄️ Ben McAdams won’t “let it go” on impeachment

Congressman Ben McAdams just kissed his phony bipartisan act goodbye by announcing moments ago that he will vote YES to impeach and remove Trump from office… exactly the kind of damning move you make when you listen to Disney Princesses and the far-left over the voices of your constituents you swore to represent (and who elected President Trump to office by 7 points, by the way).

“Congressman Ben McAdams finally admitted he’s no moderate at all, he’s just another impeachment obsessed Democrat who will stop at nothing to impede, obstruct and even remove Trump from office if necessary to get his way,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Congressman McAdams’ embrace of the Democrats’ impeachment charade shows just how out of touch he is with his district. Voters will remember that when it mattered most, Congressman McAdams put the radical left’s attempts to remove Trump from office over his constituents.”