Ben McAdams: Utah’s leading abortion advocate

With Democrats newly forced to defend their party’s increasingly extreme positions on abortion, folks like Congressman Ben McAdams are being put a tough spot.

After all, Ben McAdams was easily Utah’s leading abortion advocate in the state legislature. As a reminder:

  • McAdams voted in favor of allowing abortions to be performed without a medical professional.
  • McAdams also voted to force religious health care providers – including members of the LDS Church – to perform abortions, even when it goes against their conscience or religious beliefs.
  • McAdams voted against requiring increased health inspections of abortion facilities.
  • McAdams also voted in favor of taxpayer-funding for abortion in Obamacare.

CLF Comment: “Ben McAdams’s extreme record as one of Utah’s leading abortion advocates puts him squarely line with the far-left radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who’ve taken over the Democratic party.” – CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore.