#BelieveBiden or #BelieveWomen?

When a Supreme Court seat was at stake in 2018, House Democrats made it clear: “every woman deserves to be heard.”

But now that a Democrat, Joe Biden, stands credibly accused of sexual assault, the silence from the very same Democrats is absolutely deafening.

Here’s what some of the most vulnerable Democrats had to say back then:

  • Elissa Slotkin said, “You need leaders who stand up and say that they believe women.”
  • Lucy McBath said “We should always be making investigations on this kind of insinuations and accusations…we need to start taking these accusations seriously.”
  • Matt Cartwright said voting for Kavanaugh would be “an insult to women and girls, sending a powerful message that they don’t matter and will not be believed.”
  • Max Rose said “no one” should be confirmed “while facing numerous allegations of sexual assault.”
  • Haley Stevens said she believed women and believed survivors.”
  • Lauren Underwood said she believes survivors,” and said supporting Kavanaugh meant being unwilling to stand up for the women of this community.”
  • Tom Malinowski said “We have to hear out and respect the survivors.”

And here’s what they have to say now:

“House Democrats are proving they only ‘believe women,’ as long as it’s politically beneficial for them to do so,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “If Democrats are serious, they should not only call on Biden to withdraw, as they did with Judge Kavanaugh, but also demand a full release of the documents pertaining to Tara Reade.”