Before Greedy McCready denies this whole thing….

Earlier last week, it was exposed that Dan McCready used a special interest group to lobby for expensive government mandates that funneled big bucks to his business interests, while leaving North Carolinians with the bill.

32,000 jobs were lost and the average family had $3,400 cut from their bottom line… all while Dan McCready got wonderfully rich.

So before Greedy McCready tries to deny he ever had anything to do with his special interest lobbying group (like he tried to do with Strata after he got busted for outsourcing jobs to China), or comes up with some other bogus lie, here’s the press release touting McCready as a newly appointed board member of that special interest lobbying group.

Yay, Dan!

And in case you missed it … here’s the original report on McCready’s lobbying problems.

“Dan McCready’s shady special interest group lobbied for policies that hurt middle class North Carolinians, while he made big bucks on insider deals that steered money to his own business interests,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “This is swampy politics at its worst and it’s why North Carolina needs to reject Greedy McCready this fall.”