Bacon endorsed by former Dem rival, Congressman Ashford

Even Don Bacon’s former 2016 and 2018 Democratic opponent agrees, Bacon is the right man for the job.

Former Democratic Congressman Brad Ashford endorsed Congressman Bacon last night, heaping praise on Bacon saying, “He has demonstrated time and again that he will put people above party to find bipartisan solutions.”

Turns out running as a radical socialist in Nebraska isn’t so popular. Ashford is just the latest Democrat to flee Kara Eastman’s failing campaign and back Bacon, joining…

  • Former Nebraska State Senator Bob Krist, 2018 Democratic nominee for Governor
  • Former Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director Barry Rubin
  • Former Congressman and founder of the New Democrats Caucus, Jim Moran.
  • Democratic Mayor Carroll Smith, Valley, Nebraska

Feels like déjà vu.