VIDEO: Axne gets salty on inflation

Cindy Axne was REAL confident inflation wasn’t real and that it would just go away. But new reports from economists show Cindy Axne wasn’t being truthful.

SHOT: Axne said chalked up fears over inflation to “false advertisements,” adding “no economist worth their salt has said we’re looking at a long-term inflation problem in any way, shape, or form.”

CHASER: Wall Street Journal reports economists are warning Americans to “brace themselves for several years of higher inflation,” a consequence of “plentiful federal stimulus funding” that is “enabling many businesses to raise prices significantly for the first time in decades.”

Does Axne still think inflation is fake news? Or is she lying to cover up that her vote for trillions in runaway spending is making it even tougher for hard-working Iowans to get by?