Axne: “AOC is a smart person”

At a town hall meeting this weekend, Cindy Axne let the compliments fly for avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, gushing to constituents that she thought AOC is a smart person adding that she’s “had a lot of conversations with her about the Green New Deal.”

It’s no surprise Axne thinks AOC is so smart: she votes with her 95% of the time and even took a $5,000 check from AOC to fund her campaign.

“Cindy Axne thinks AOC is smart because she’s always following her lead, no matter the consequences for Iowa families and farmers,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “With crime spiking and trillions in socialist spending making life more expensive, Axne should condemn AOC and her reckless policies, not happily cheer her along.”