Avlon Won’t Give New Yorkers a Straight Answer on Biden

While House Democrats continue to call on President Biden to step aside, talking head John Avlon – who’s never been shy about sharing his opinions in the past – is still tip-toeing around the issue.

According to The New York Times, Avlon is still insisting that it was merely a “bad debate,” but says Biden’s “got a good record.”

This follows his previous reluctant response on CNN, where he touted Biden’s “great record,”  but demurred when asked if Biden should stay in the race by saying, “it’s [the President’s] decision.”

Avlon must know that 80% of voters think that Biden is too old to run, which is why he can’t give a straight answer on whether Biden should stay in the race. How long will Avlon toe the party line and keep telling New Yorkers not to believe their eyes and ears?

“New Yorkers have seen all they needed from John Avlon: someone who will say whatever he needs to secure his own self-interest,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Avlon spent his career sharing his opinions on cable television, but now he can’t give a straight answer to a very simple question. Why won’t Avlon give New Yorkers the truth?”