As Omar backs terrorists, Stevens needs to speak up

Ilhan Omar continued her anti-Semitic attacks over the weekend, rushing to the defense of the terroristswho rained down 600 rockets on Israeli civilians.

Despite this alarming view, Haley Stevens still hasn’t made even a peep to demand Omar step down from the House Foreign Affairs Committee or taken steps to rid herself of the $1,000 she took from Omar to fund her campaign.

But after Rep. Omar has backed the terrorists attacking Israeli citizenssupported a socialist dictator starving his own people, and made repeated hateful and anti-Semitic comments – you’d think Stevens would be desperate to stand up and do the right thing.

CLF comment: “If Haley Stevens won’t demand Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee and return the $1,000 she’s taken from Omar to fund her campaign, then Haley is sending a clear message that she’s a-ok with Omar’s hateful and dangerous views,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore.