Article Exposes Tom Malinowski As Anti-Israel Lobbyist, Weak On National Security

In case you missed it, The Washington Free Beacon is out with a story on Tom Malinowski’s anti-Israel lobbying career and weak stances on national security.

In an interview on Morning Joe, Tom stated, “…there’s an opportunity for Democrats like me, especially those of us who have a background in national security to say that the Democratic Party is now the party of patriotism in the country and the party that is willing to defend our country…”

This is laughable because Tom’s work experience says otherwise…

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic congressional candidate Tom Malinowski is touting his time at the left-wing organization Human Rights Watch as national security experience.

While working for HRW, Malinowski campaigned against American support of the Israeli military. Malinowski opposed the United States supplying the Israeli Defense Forces with cluster munitions and asked then-Senator Hillary Clinton to not support Israel’s construction of an “illegal” wall in the West Bank.

Additionally, Malinowski lobbied against armored bulldozers from America being sent to Israel and urged Israel to stop construction of so-called settlements in order to continue to receive military assistance from the United States.

Also during Malinowski’s tenure at HRW, he lobbied against American operations at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where terrorist detainees captured overseas are held by the U.S. Military. Malinowski and HRW have campaigned for the camp’s detention center to be shut down.

Read The Washington Free Beacon’s article here.