AOC touts VA as “Cadillac,” “first-class” example of single-payer

I wanted to be sure you saw that defacto leader of the House Democrats — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — was caught on tape in leaked video praising the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system as a “Cadillac” “first-class” example of single-payer health care.

Of course her passionate defense of the VA omitted the part where the VA let at least 40 veterans languish and die, thanks to tremendous delays and waits for care. She also omitted how VA employees systematically tried to destroy evidence of the long waits for care and, thanks to government rules, couldn’t even be fired for their wrongdoing.

AOC and vulnerable Democrats can hang their hats on the VA as an example of single-payer, but they’ll own all the baggage of the VA’s failure as the risks that their tremendously misguided idea would bear for American families.

CLF COMMENT: “If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to hold up the VA as a ‘Cadillac’ example of single-payer health care, then people would be wise to think twice about what she and the House Democrats are proposing,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “If the VA is failing even our most cherished heroes, how much better does she think everyday families would fare under her radical plan?”