Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) promised jobs… Where are they?

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reported the “total infrastructure investment at [Marcy Nanocenter] will cost $78.2 million” as the site is “still searching for a tenant.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The total infrastructure investment at Marcy Nanocenter is an ASTOUNDING $78.2 million and the promised jobs still haven’t come!

This is bad news for New York taxpayers, and even worse news for Anthony Brindisi who was one of the biggest proponents of Marcy Nancocenter.

Brindisi echoed Governor Cuomo’s talking point that this plan would help create 1,000 jobs and said it would make his “hometown and district economically viable.”

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, Marcy Nanocenter has been nothing but empty promises, millions of taxpayer dollars squandered, and a failed business deal with AMS AG.

And now Anthony Brindisi is running for Congress, laughably talking about his record on recruiting companies to New York and creating jobs.

After seeing how Marcy Nanocenter has turned out under Brindisi’s watch, New York voters shouldn’t trust his claims of creating jobs and being financially responsible with taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars…