Ann Ashford can’t quit subtweeting Kara Eastman

Ann Ashford just can’t quit subtweeting Kara Eastman as the NE-02 Dem primary already begins heating up.

First, on the Green New Deal: “Anyone who wants action to curb #climatechange would do well to remember the old definition of politics: the art of the possible.” We need action, not an unrelated wish list / complete overhaul of our economic and healthcare systems. #GlobalWarming #NE02”

On healthcare: “We have to be careful that bold environmental goals aren’t held up in Congress by vague and uncompromising economic and healthcare proposals that have no chance of passing.”

On her primary: “@JoeJordanNE The difference in this race is between pragmatic problem solving versus pie in the sky ideology. #NE02”

“Just @ her next time,” said Congressional Leadership Fund VP Zach Hunter.