Andy Kim seals his fate


Congressman Andy Kim just made it official: he’ll be a one term Congressman. In case you missed it, Kim just announced that he will vote to thumb his nose at his constituents by voting to impeach and remove President Trump from office.


Reminder: even Nancy Pelosi’s own focus groups say voting for impeachment is a total loser in Andy Kim’s district. Oh and this is a district President Trump won by 6 points.


Best of luck now, Andy!


“Congressman Andy Kim made it clear his priority is joining the radical left in their crusade to remove Trump at all costs, rather than any issue he campaigned on,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Andy Kim is just another liberal elite who thinks he knows better than his constituents and wants to deny them the right to choose the next election for themselves. His constituents will make him pay dearly for his betrayal next November.”