After 18 Visits, Jahana Hayes Must’ve Known of Biden’s Decline

A damning new Fox News report reveals, according to the White House visitor logs, Jahana Hayes visited the Biden White House 18 times during his presidency.

After 18 visits to the White House, Hayes obviously knew of the President’s diminished state, and she chose to put party ahead of being honest with Connecticut voters and what’s best for America.

Hayes even insisted in a televised interview before his debate that “I’m not concerned about his age.”

Jahana Hayes was clearly lying and covering up for Joe Biden. And if she really didn’t think there was a problem, then there’s something way more concerning about her own fitness and judgment.

“Jahana Hayes has a whole lot of explaining to do. She knew, and she covered up for Joe Biden for partisan, political gain,” said CLF Spokeswoman Courtney Parella.