ABQ Journal: NM paying the price for Torres-Small’s impeachment obsession

Xochitl Torres-Small’s crusade to impeach Trump is costing New Mexico families dearly.


Look no further than today’s editorial from the Albuquerque Journal which blasts Xochitl Torres-Small for her utter inaction on getting the new North American trade deal (USMCA) passed into law, which the paper reports would create thousands of new jobs and is “a good deal for all parties.”


Just another example of how Xochitl Torres-Small’s obsession with impeaching the President is having real consequences for families back home.


In case you missed it…


Dems in Congress need to walk their talk, approve trade pact
Editorial Board

Albuquerque Journal
December 5, 2019

Congressional Democrats have taken great umbrage at the suggestion they are so obsessed with trying to run President Donald Trump out of office via impeachment that they aren’t doing much heavy lifting when it comes to other issues of importance to the American people.

They could go a long way toward making that case by approving the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, better known as USMCA. …

One would hope their sense of duty to country would prevail and this important agreement would move forward to votes in the House and Senate, with a simple majority required in each chamber. Two key players who should work to get that done are members of New Mexico’s delegation: assistant speaker Rep. Ben Ray Luján because of his leadership role and first-term Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, who represents the Second Congressional District, which borders Mexico.

USMCA is a good deal for all parties. In addition to requirements, for example, that more American-made parts must be included in vehicles manufactured in Mexico – with Mexican workers getting higher wages and collective bargaining guarantees – both Democrats and Republicans represent huge agricultural concerns that need USMCA to be ratified. Mexico already has done so with an almost unanimous vote in its upper chamber. …

Democrats in Congress need to move this forward to a vote and approve it for the benefit of the American public and our North American trading partners.

Not doing so could disrupt our economies, decrease productivity and make us less competitive in the global market.

On the flip side, Pacheco noted, smooth ratification in Congress “can demonstrate to Americans and to the world that our lawmakers can still put aside deep-rooted differences and come together for the good of our nation and our neighbors.”

That would, indeed, be a lovely Christmas present.


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