Abigail Spanberger: Hypocrite 

In case you missed it, Rep. Abigail Spanberger has been talking a lot about the need for both Republicans and Democrats to come together and end the government shutdown.

But when President Trump invited her to meet at the White House to discuss ways to end the shutdown, Rep. Spanberger DECLINED to attend!

Rep. Spanberger’s hypocrisy is now on full display. Here are a few times she lectured about working together to solve problems before bowing to pressure from Nancy Pelosi and refusing to meet with the President:

  • With her first Congressional floor speech, Rep. Spanberger “called on elected officials to work together in a bipartisan way to end the shutdown.”
  • She also made an appearance on MSNBC, stating: “[my constituents] want to see government functioning. They want to see people talking to each other…I have had many people say please don’t just give in, let’s have a conversation.”
  • Even on the campaign trail, Rep. Spanberger said she would “always reach across the aisle to get things done.”

“Representative Abigail Spanberger is the epitome of a two-faced politician. She likes to talk about working across the aisle, but when given the chance to negotiate a bipartisan solution to the government shutdown she declines and falls back in line behind Nancy Pelosi. Virginia voters deserve better than Rep. Spanberger’s hollow words.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.