A few questions for Rep. Haley Stevens…

Considering Rep. Haley Stevens is holding her first town hall today, this seems like a good opportunity for her to explain why she broke her bond with her constituents with her VERY FIRST vote in Congress.

In case you missed it, Rep. Stevens was adamant on the campaign trail about not supporting Nancy Pelosi for speaker, even after she was elected to Congress.

However, Rep. Stevens caved to party bosses immediately after being sworn into Congress and voted for Nancy Pelosi… How can Michigan families trust Rep. Haley Stevens if she failed to keep her promise with her first vote in office? Michiganders deserve better.

Here’s some background below that should be helpful for those covering Rep. Haley Stevens’ event this weekend:

On January 3rd, Stevens Voted To Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of The House. (Roll Call Vote #2, Election of the Speaker, Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1/3/19, Stevens Voted For Pelosi)

During An April 2018 Democratic Primary Forum, Stevens Said At The Time She Did Not Support Nancy Pelosi’s Bid For Speaker Of The House. STEVENS: “I was working at the White House when health care was passed. And, I have a deep and profound respect for Leader Pelosi. At this time, she does not have my support as speaker, and let me tell you why. Some of these are arguments that were just made. We have an age problem. We have a Midwest problem. So, I’m very interested in nominating someone to be the Speaker of the House should we have this blue wave, should we take back the House in November, which I think we’re going to do. I believe we need to elect somebody as our next speaker who speaks to Midwestern values and the fight we’re in right here at home. And, that’s a fight for a 21st century labor movement and an economy that is inclusive and one that also focuses on the diversity that is in our party. So, I’ll be a little bit more clear. I’ll tell ya who I like—I really like Tim Ryan. I think Tim Ryan of Youngstown, Ohio is an inspiring leader. I think that he has a focus on manufacturing that I deeply appreciate, and I think he would do a great job as the Speaker of our House.” (Haley Stevens, Remarks During Michigan-11 Democratic Candidates Forum, 4/23/18) Minute 0:03-1:19

In June 2018, The Detroit News Reported Stevens Said She “Wouldn’t Vote For U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi Of California As Speaker If Democrats Win The U.S. House This Fall.” “The candidates are Haley Stevens, former chief of staff of the federal auto bailout task force; Suneel Gupta, a technology entrepreneur; state Rep. Tim Greimel, the former House Democratic leader; Fayrouz Saad, former immigration director for Detroit; and Nancy Skinner, a climate change activist. All but Skinner say they wouldn’t vote for U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California as speaker if Democrats win the U.S. House this fall — an indication they feel a new generation should have a seat at the leadership table.” (Melissa Nann Burke and Maureen Feighan, “Dems In 11th District Congressional Primary Ready To Boot Pelosi,” The Detroit News, 7/31/18) 

Immediately After Being Elected To Congress Stevens Said Her Position On Pelosi Hadn’t Changed And That She Wanted New Leadership. “When asked about Pelosi, Stevens of Rochester Hills — who won election to succeed retiring GOP Rep. Dave Trott — also said her position hasn’t changed. ‘I believe that we need new leadership, particularly leadership that’s going to speak to delivering for our Midwest — the people here in Michigan’s 11th District,’ Stevens said. ‘We probably need to get back in the business of focusing on the heartland issues.’ Asked if she would vote for Pelosi on the House floor, Stevens said: ‘At this time, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have my support.’” (Melissa Nann Burke, “Michigan House Democrats Split On Backing Pelosi For Speaker,” The Detroit Free Press, 11/9/18)