A few questions for Rep. Antonio Delgado…

Antonio Delgado frequently campaigned on the upstate New York values that allegedly drove him to run for office. At his second town hall today, Mr. Delgado, now a congressman, won’t be able to run from his record or hide behind canned talking points.

Here are 5 questions his constituents deserve to have answered today:

  1. Why didn’t Delgado admit to voters he was going to support Pelosi for speaker? On the campaign trail, he made misleading statements like “we need new leadership in Washington” and even refused to accept Pelosi’s endorsement.
  2. How could Delgado grandstand about the plight of federal workers when he flipflopped on his support to pay them during the shutdown? Is it because he felt the political heat for holding their pay hostage?
  3. Will Delgado explain how he is going to pay for his radical plan to “make our way … towards a single-payer system,” which would eliminate private health insurance? Or will he hide his true agenda when House Democrats hold hearings on Medicare for All?
  4. Will Delgado level with voters about the middle-class tax increases needed to “deliver on the promise of the Green New Deal” that he made on the campaign trail?
  5. Why won’t Delgado stand up to his party and call out Democratic leaders who label the president the “grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”? (Hint: maybe it’s because Hakeem Jeffries was a big $upporter of his campaign.)

We’ll keep holding our breath…