A few questions for Rep. Andy Kim…

Andy Kim frequently campaigned on being a moderate politician in a hyper-partisan world. At his first town hall today, Mr. Kim, now a congressman, won’t be able to run from his record or hide behind canned talking points.

Here are 4 questions his constituents deserve to have answered today:

  1. Why did Kim lie to his constituents and vote to make Pelosi speaker?
  2. How could Kim grandstand about the plight of federal workers when he repeatedly voted to hold their paychecks hostage? Is it because he followed the orders of party bosses?
  3. Will Kim speak out and stop his party from laying the groundwork to pass a government takeover of health care that would eliminate private health insurance??
  4. Why won’t Kim stand up to his party and call out Democratic leaders who label the president the “grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”? (Hint: maybe it’s because Hakeem Jeffries was a BIG $upporter of his campaign)

We’ll keep holding our breath…