A $2,900 Crumb…

A typical family of four in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district will see a tax cut of $2,900 thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

To many hardworking families in Pennsylvania, that money will go a long way in helping provide financial security and much-needed peace of mind.

But according to liberal Conor Lamb, this much-deserved tax cut would simply be “crumbs:”

“I’ll work with Trump on infrastructure and drugs, but not the sort of tax bill that gives crumbs to the middle class and does nothing to protect jobs from going overseas.” 

“It’s not surprising to see Conor Lamb mimic Nancy Pelosi’s talking points, now that the DCCC is coming to his aid. After this reckless comment, Pennsylvania families can clearly see that Conor Lamb would be another rubber stamp for Pelosi’s liberal agenda in Congress.” – Michael Byerly, spokesman for the Congressional Leadership Fund.