3 reasons Dems are “f—– in the midterms” (to borrow a phrase…)

This morning’s headlines paint a grim picture for Democrats’ dimming chances of keeping their Majority. 3 big stories tell the tale…

DEMOCRATS “FEELING JADED”: POLITICO reports Joe Biden is failing to live up to his promises, evaporating zeal among Democrats and threatening “the party’s prospects of generating enthusiasm in the run-up to a critical midterm election.” One Democrat put it even more bluntly: We’re “f—– in the midterms if we don’t get s— done soon.” You can say that again.

DEMOCRATS SOUND ALARM OVER CRIME: Next, Democrats are continuing their panic over their rush to kneecap police departments that caused a surge in crime nationwide. New York Times reports that “the highest levels of the president’s party, there is a developing consensus that Democrats need to treat crime as an urgent political issue.” Maybe they should have thought of that before, I don’t know, agreeing to defund the police?

INFLATION SQUEEZES FAMILIES: Meanwhile, new polling from Fox News says 83% of voters are worried about rising inflation, topping the list of economic concerns and a majority (53%) say Pelosi’s stimulus package is “discouraging people from looking for work” slowing the economic recovery.

In sum: crime is rising, inflation is squeezing families, the economy is slow to recover and Democrats’ failed policies are making it all worse. No matter how you slice it, Democrats are headed for disaster with no one to blame but themselves.