A “Political Side Show” to Scott Peters: San Diegans Paying More, Getting Less

Bloomberg is out with a profile of Congressman Scott Peters’ Obamacare albatross.

It’s bad enough that Scott Peters voted again and again to subject San Diegans to the health care law, but now comes word that the 52nd Congressional District is among the hardest hit with health plan cancellations.

No wonder Scott Peters’ “San Diego-area district is teeming with voters who have reasons to be angry about the law” and who “booed” him at a recent constituent event.

As Bloomberg reports:

              Walter Niles is one of them. The self-employed biotechnology consultant with a doctorate in neuroscience was notified in September that his policy was being canceled. The coverage offered through Covered California, his state’s new insurance exchange, has left him unsatisfied.

              “I’m paying more and getting less,” said Niles, 59, who leans Republican yet also says he voted twice for President Barack Obama. “It is fundamentally a worse plan.”

Multiply that story by thousands in the 52nd Congressional District, and it’s not hard to see why Scott Peters keeps trying to play both sides in a desperate attempt for political cover.

Scott Peters has called this a “political side show.” Tell that to southern Californians losing plans, paying more and getting less under Scott Peters’ Obamacare.