Scholten and Kildee sided with criminals over public safety

The Senate just joined House Republicans in overturning Washington, D.C.’s radical new criminal code, a major victory for safety and basic sanity – no thanks to Reps. Hillary Scholten and Dan Kildee.

The bill would have lowered penalties for violent crimes including:

  1. First-degree murder (reduced from Life to a 40-year max sentence)
  2. First-degree burglary (reduced from 30-year max to just 4 years)
  3. Armed robbery
  4. Carjacking
  5. First-degree sexual assault (reduced from Life to a 24-year max sentence)
  6. Kidnapping  
  7. And more…

It was too extreme for even Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, but Scholten and Kildee had no issue voting to let dangerous criminals back onto the streets of D.C.

“Radicals Hillary Scholten and Dan Kildee have made it crystal clear that they are pro-crime and anti-law enforcement,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Democrats will always be the party siding with criminals and working to defund the police, and voters can’t trust Scholten and Kildee or their extremist polices to keep their families safe.”