Gonzalez votes against securing the southern border

The House just passed Republicans’ “Secure the Border Act,” but Vicente Gonzalez voted against it.

Never mind that nearly 10,000 migrants are already attempting to illegally cross the border daily…

Or that Title 42 is ending tonight, which DHS anticipates will result in up to 14,000 migrant encounters daily.

Oh, and CNN reports that more than 150,000 migrants are waiting in the wings in northern Mexico.

House Democrats are still in denial that there even is a border crisis.

“Vicente Gonzalez can no longer pretend that the border crisis his party created doesn’t exist, while migrants pour over the border by the thousands and cartels flood American communities with crime and illegal drugs,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Texas families deserve a representative who will defend their safety and secure our border – clearly that’s not Vicente Gonzalez.”